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Multiple Car Accident

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When multiple drivers crash into one another, proving liability can change from an uphill battle to an outright struggle. If you have been in a multiple car accident and now need some serious legal help and fast, you can come to Laynas & Georges, P.C., where our Philadelphia car accident lawyers are well-equipped with 30+ years of legal experience to put to good use for your case. No matter how varied or minor the evidence might be, we are committed to determining liability, pursuing maximum financial compensation on your behalf, and seeing to it that you are satisfied.

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Troubles Unique to Multiple Car Collisions

If you have ever been in a car accident with just one other driver, or perhaps no other drivers, you probably already know that the process can be complicated. When multiple cars are involved, there are a few reasons as to why everything can escalate in frustration.

In a multiple car accident, four factors can add to the trouble:

  • More damage
  • More insurance companies
  • More confusion
  • More money required to recover

No one wants to be held financially responsible for the accident, and yet someone must have made a mistake for the accident to occur in the first place. When there is just you and another driver, you know where any accusations will come from and you can more easily prepare to challenge them. With a multitude of drivers responsible or possibly accountable, it can feel like a melee as those involved and their insurance carriers start to point fingers in all directions. You will need some trustworthy legal counsel to set things straight and protect you from ill-placed blame.

Multiple Drivers and Multiple Cases

There is one potential advantage of a multiple car accident that should not be overlooked when it comes time to seeking your recovery. If one of the liable party’s insurance carrier has a cap on how much coverage it will afford you, the remaining amount can be sought from another liable party. Usually you will go from party to party, starting with who is found most liable and descending in accountability from there, until you have won enough compensation to cover the entirety of your expenses. You can, however, seek additional punitive and nominal damages from each party.

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After a car accident, it can feel understandably stressful when seeking an honest face you can trust as insurance companies and other drivers do their best to turn a cold shoulder your way. At our firm, our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers believe in bringing people reliable representation with a welcome compassionate approach. Know that when you retain our services, you will be partnered with an entire team of legal professionals who want to see you succeed.

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