Are Birth Injuries Avoidable?

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While most births are joyous occasions that are completed smoothly, devastating injuries can occur to a newborn child if medical personnel fail to exercise the proper care. Whether it is due to negligent prenatal care or careless birthing techniques, many of these types of injuries can be prevented if appropriate medical methods are employed.

Doctors Must Anticipate Complications

A vast number different complications and difficulties can arise during childbirth. Doctors, nurses, and obstetricians are trained to deal with these hiccups and must be prepared to deal with them as they occur. When medical staff do not follow the standards of reasonable care, this can constitute as negligence.

To prevent injury during childbirth, doctors must do the following:

  • Properly diagnose and treat complications during and before labor
  • Monitor a mother's labor and delivery at all times
  • Perform all necessary tests and procedures
  • Inform the mother of all risks associated with medication
  • Perform prompt treatment without delay during childbirth
  • Use delivery tools properly

Birth Injury Vs. Birth Defect

It is important to keep in mind, however, that some scenarios are unavoidable. While birth injuries most often involve some level of doctor negligence during the birthing process, birth defects often occur during a baby's development and cannot be avoided. Heredity and a mother's actions during pregnancy such as drug or alcohol use can cause a number of birth defects and developmental irregularities, while others are caused by reasons unknown.

Some birth defects, however, can be caused by doctor negligence. If a physician prescribes the wrong medication to a mother during pregnancy that contains a known defect-causing chemical agent, they may be liable for any damage that the baby may suffer. Since a nearly infinite number of factors can influence a baby's health at birth, it is imperative that a full investigation is made in order to determine the underlying reason for any birth defects that occur.

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