Misdiagnosis & Failure To Diagnose

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For all the harm that can come from a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or other medical practitioner actively making mistakes, just as much or more injury can befall a patient when they are not diagnosed correctly or at all. If you suffered a worsened injury or debilitating illness that you believe should have been recognized and treated by your doctor, you should let our Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer from Laynas & Georges, P.C. know about it during a free case evaluation. For decades we have been studying medical malpractice law and representing clients in the direst of circumstances with success, including several recent medical malpractice lawsuits that ended with multimillion dollar recoveries for our clients.

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Doctors Failing To Pay Attention To Detail

If a patient could diagnose themselves, they would not have to come into the doctor's office for suspicious aches, lingering coughs, and other ailments that are difficult to pinpoint. The entire purpose of seeing a medical professional is to learn what is causing your suffering and what needs to be done to treat it. If a doctor or physician does not pay attention to detail or otherwise overlooks a critical aspect of your ailment, they can inadvertently cause you further pain in a roundabout way.

Misdiagnoses and failure to diagnose errors may occur due to:

  • Exhaustion
  • Incompetence
  • Confusing patients
  • Mixing medical records
  • Identifying unrelated or false symptoms
  • Unnecessary delay in treatment

Consequences Of Diagnosis Failures

When a patient does not receive any diagnosis, the ailments that brought them into the hospital or clinic in the first place can devolve and worsen. A flu that could have been treated readily may become debilitating and life-threatening, or a bone fracture could widen. When a patient receives the wrong diagnosis, matters can become even more dangerous as they are submitted to procedures and medications that are unfitting for their condition.

Dangerous consequences of diagnosis errors include:

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When you have been hurt by the negligence and medical malpractice of your doctor or other trusted physician, you need to act quickly and create a personal injury claim. Pennsylvania has a strict two-year statute of limitation on most medical malpractice suits – filing after that time limit has expired could mean your case is immediately thrown out in court, regardless of the evidence you have collected. Gather your medical records as soon as you can and allow our Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney to go through them, piece together your case, and hold your doctor accountable through litigation.

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