Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorney

Information Regarding Philadelphia Construction Accidents

Accidents that occur at construction sites are unfortunately very common, as any construction site has many inherent dangers and hazards to those who work or visit the site. There are many accidents that occur at a work environment such as this, including falls, trench collapses, scaffolding accidents, serious injuries due to defective equipment, and toxic exposure.

The workers on the site may suffer severe injury or even death when safety requirements have become lax, or due to freak accidents or explosions occurring on the site. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the construction industry has the most fatal injuries out of any other industry sector. Those who devote their lives to this industry face daily risks, and sadly, accident and injuries are often the result.

In some cases there are third parties that may be liable in the injury accident, such a subcontracting firms or equipment manufacturers that could be named in the claim or lawsuit filed on behalf of the injured victim. This could be above and beyond any workers' compensation claim filed after the accident. Even workers' compensation can deny certain valid claims, and an attorney from the firm can assist in seeking to resolve this situation.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury on a construction site, it is critical that you contact a Philadelphia personal injury attorney at once. At Laynas & Georges, P.C., the legal team is prepared to review the situation and evidence as well as the degree of injury and assist in the claims process.

Consequences Of A Construction Accident In Philadelphia

As the injuries sustained in construction accidents can often be very severe, the injured victim may no longer be able to work, and their loss of wages and future wage loss must be included in the claim filed for compensation for damages in such cases. When the injuries are catastrophic and the person loses a limb, vision, hearing, or becomes paralyzed, or suffers brain or spinal injuries, the claim must reflect the loss of quality of life suffered in the case. Failure to provide proper safety standards for those who work on construction sites is a serious matter and must be addressed with the help of an attorney who is familiar with such cases.

Contact An Experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney

After being involved in this type of serious accident, it is important that you immediately speak to a qualified Philadelphia construction accident lawyer. Without legal representation, it will be extremely difficult to file your claim. You may be unsure as to whether you should file a workers' compensation claim or a lawsuit against a third party. Our firm will not only point you in the right direction, but we will stand at your side to ensure that the right decisions are made on your behalf. To learn more about the services our firm offers and how we can help you recover the financial damages caused by the construction site accident, call us today!

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