Philadelphia Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

Are You Having Trouble With An Insurance Claim?

It can be a shock to discover that your insurance company will not honor their contract with you and refuses to pay a valid claim. Many individuals faithfully pay their premiums, year after year, protecting themselves and their family from the potential financial losses they could face if they are injured, or another deadly situation takes place. When it comes time to file a claim, often the first one ever filed, they discover that their own insurance company will not pay them what they expected.

Insurance Bad Faith Cases In Philadelphia

These types of situations are unfortunately far too common. When a customer calls to file a claim, the insurance company representative may indicate a specific clause in their contract that they insist means that you either will not get the amount of compensation you expected, or that you are not eligible at all. This can be heartbreaking and also frustrating; the sad part is that in many cases, what the insurance company is telling you is untrue. Our legal team has extensive experience in reviewing all types of insurance policies and can review your situation to determine if you have an insurance bad faith case.

How A Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

When an insurance bad faith claim is filed, we take action against the insurance company that is not upholding their own contract with our client. We seek not only the compensation that they should have received under the terms of their policy, but also other damages for the trouble and stress that has been brought about by their bad faith actions. If you are having trouble with an insurance company, a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer from Laynas & Georges, P.C. can review your situation to determine the best course of action to get the matter resolved.

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