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If you've been personally injured in a serious car accident, the first thing you need to do is find a Philadelphia car accident attorney who can ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. The other party will likely do everything they can to deny fault and avoid liability. Also, insurance companies almost never offer a fair settlement the first time around.

You need to find a personal injury lawyer that is willing to fight for you, no matter the opposition or complexities of your case. Laynas & Georges, P.C. could be the right choice for you.

Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys have numerous qualifications, including:

  • 30+ years of trial experience
  • Exclusive focus on personal injury cases
  • Millions of dollars recovered in case results
  • Working on contingency fees – you don't pay unless he wins

Take The Right Steps After A Car Accident

When you have been in a damaging traffic collision, you will be understandably upset and disoriented. There are, however, a few things you should always do following a car accident to help ensure you can recover financial compensation.

Never admit fault: It does not matter what you think caused the accident, do not admit fault. You need to resist the urge to offer up a simple apology. Once you do, you have basically assumed all blame for the crash.

Get medical attention: If there are any apparent injuries, even minor aches or cuts, you need to have the wound attended to as soon as possible. Slight pains could escalate to serious injuries otherwise.

Collect evidence: Take pictures of both cars involved, and from all sides. Be sure to exchange information with everyone involved. The more you have documented, the stronger a case we can build for you.

Retain a professional: As soon as the smoke is cleared, call a Philadelphia car accident attorney from our firm. Every moment gone by could be a moment the other driver is using against you, so it is important that you do not delay.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer With A Record For Success

Contact us right away to schedule your initial consultation with a Philadelphia personal injury attorney. Our lawyers work directly with each client from start to finish, handling every aspect of their cases themselves. While we develop your case and challenge the claims of the responsible parties, you can focus on the rest and recovery you deserve.

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